• Cryopen

    The CryoPen is a complete system that is simple, safe and effective for the treatment of skin lesions including warts, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratosis, porokeratomas and skin tags to name just a few.  The CryoPen is safe because it delivers results without scarring or burning of surrounding tissue and because it does not require the use of dangerous cryogenic liquids and gases like liquid nitrogen.

    The destruction of lesions using this system does not require local anesthetics; therefore, painful needles are no longer an issue.  The instrument is applied directly to the lesion for 1-4 minutes and this freezes the area. Afterward the area may be tender for a day or two so we place the patient on a cream that relieves the discomfort.  It does still take a few weeks to see if the lesions are completely eradicated. Occasionally the procedure needs to be repeated for stubborn lesions.