Why an AFO?

    Fear of falling, fractured hips, broken bones and the endless rehab that follows, has become a terrifying reality of our aging population.  We all have been told that keeping our bodies in action will help avoid the dreaded stiffening; it will keep our minds functioning and our limbs agile.  Nevertheless, so many of us are living sedimentary lives not by choice, but by happenstance.  Advanced arthritis, chronic pain from previous injuries or surgeries, ankles that hurt with every step, neuropathy that is so debilitating that even sleep is a struggle, too many health conditions to list, can lead to an instability in the foot and ankle that makes even a simple walk a dangerous trek.  If this sounds familiar or you know someone who has had to limit their lift style because they live in fear of falling, there may be an answer.


    There is no miracle cure, no magic bullet but there are aids that may facilitate a return to a more active life.  At Eastern Shore Foot Center we offer a variety of custom and non-custom braces that support the ankle and foot and reduce instability making walking comfortably a real possibility.  We have patients who have returned to work, to sports and to living a full life with the use of custom and non-custom braces.  If surgery is not an option, or previous surgeries have caused the present problem, then it is time to look for the proper support that may help return you to an active life.