• Bunion

    A bunion is a “bump” found on the medial aspect of the foot just below the great toe, it is formed from changes within the bone and from a biomechanical abnormality.  This condition is inherited and can present in childhood, as juvenile bunions, or may show up slowly over many years.  Men and women alike have this medical condition, but usually women are more prone to complain of painful bunions because of the irritation they experience from fashionable, rather than comfortable shoes.  To slow the progress of this deformity, functional orthotics that are custom shoe inserts, are often prescribed.  Orthotics help to alleviate the biomechanical changes that occur over time and maintain the proper positioning of the feet.  Nevertheless, if there is a tendency within the family for bunions, the likelihood is with time the condition will occur.


    Surgery is still the only cure for bunions and usually requires more than just the removal of the enlargement of bone but also a realignment of the 1st ray via surgical fracture.  There are many different surgical procedures available today.  I have perfected a surgery that reduces the angle of the 1st ray, repositions the great toe and removes the boney prominence.  This procedure is performed in an office setting and it does not require pins, screws or any internal fixation devices and requires only two small incisions.  Not all bunions can be corrected in a minimally invasive manner, but if they are within the criteria, this type of procedure reduces risks of infection, scarring and future complications.