• Athletes Foot

    Athletes foot or Tinea Pedis is a highly contagious fungal infection of the skin of the feet.  It presents with redness and itching.  You may notice small vesicular lesions such as small water blisters, or notice dry scaling patches with peeling and flaking.  When this condition occurs between toes it appears white and macerated. Regardless of the appearance, which may differ from one person to the next or from area to area, the common symptom is pruritus (itching).

    Fungi love warm, dark, moist areas, which basically describe everyone’s shoes, especially here in the Deep South.  Sharing shoes can cause the infection to spread from one person to the next.  The shower basin or tub is also culpable for causing infections; many blame the locker rooms at health facilities as well.  The truth is that fungi is in the soil,  it is in foods, it is airborne, it is all around us and there are many types of fungi that are completely harmless or actually healthy for us, but there a many that cause a variety of problems.  To avoid spreading this condition, spraying the shower with a bleach solution should help. Spray your shoes with antifungal sprays and keep them dry. Dry thoroughly between your toes.  At the first sign of itching and rash try an antifungal cream, spray or ointment.  If there is no immediate improvement, get to a podiatrist.  There are many oral and topical antifungal medications that are prescription, the over the counter remedies are not as strong and may not completely alleviate the problem.