• Heel Pain in Children

    Sever’s Disease (Pain in Children’s Heels)

    This is a condition called Calcaneal Aphophysitis that occurs when there are microtraumas to the growth plate that is located on the back of the heel. In a growing child the posterior aspect of the calcaneus has not become fused with the main body of the bone because the heel is still in the process of maturing.  Children that participate in a variety of athletic activities can experience microtraumas to this growth plate which will cause inflammation and pain in the heel. Children as young as 6 and as old as 16 can experience this problem, they will complain of heel pain during or after engaging in a sport, they may be limping or having difficulty walking, the pain will subside after rest but returns with activity.

    Treatment for this problem is usually  deep seated functional orthotics that can be moved from one shoe to the next and worn especially while engaging in the activity that preceded this condition. Children should be encouraged to participate in sports and physical activities, heel pain should not restrict their activities.  If your child is complaining of heel pain when they have been active immediate treatment should include ice, elevation and children’s Ibuprofens, but the problem will get worse without professional evaluation and treatment.   It is very important to have your child evaluated by a foot doctor that treats both children and sports related problems.  At our office we offer a customized functional orthosis that was created for this type of pathology, it allows your child to remain active and pain free.