• Warts

    Human papillomavirus is basically a wart, also referred to as Verruca that can appear anywhere on the body.  When they form on the bottom or plantar surface of the foot, they are called plantar warts (due to location).  A plantar wart appears to have small black seeds, but in reality these black dots are formed from dried blood.  A classic way to determine if you have a callus or a warty type growth is to debride the area carefully, if you note pinpoint bleeding then the lesion is most likely a wart.  Since these are viral lesions they can spread from one part of the body to another, as well as from one person to the next.  There a many treatments for warts, but unfortunately there is no definitive cure.  Over the past three decades Eastern Shore Foot Center has used Laser, Acid, Radiowave, Surgical Excision, Needling, Injections, Cimetidine, the list goes on and on.  Since all the various procedures work and are equally successful, I have concluded the best treatment is the least painful.  I introduced the Cryopen several years ago and find with small individual lesions the success rate in over 75%. The Cryopen does not require anesthesia and does not cause scaring like liquid nitrogen.  With diffuse wide spread lesions the best approach is acid and we offer several different types of prescription strength formulas that have shown excellent results.  Nevertheless, warts are stubborn, those on the plantar aspect of the feet are especially difficult to permanently eliminate.  Naturally, we offer all types of treatments for warts depending on their location, duration and previous treatments as well as the age of the patient.