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    Foot Pain will occur at some point in most people’s lives.  Regardless of age, gender or nationality foot pain does not discriminate. Heel pain is one of the leading foot problems that we routinely see at our office and can be completely eliminated if treated early. Bunions, even hammertoes, may begin in childhood and over time make shoe buying an impossible chore, eventually needing surgical correction.  Whether your heels hurt, your ankles ache and swell, your bunions and hammertoes no longer fit into shoes, or you are looking to find out why your nails are so discolored and thick, we can offer solutions.  You may even be diabetic and have been told to find a foot doctor to cut your nails, or fit you for diabetic shoes.  Whatever the reason you are here, I hope our website helps answer your questions, and more importantly reduce your fears.  We have created this site in hopes of educating the public to the vast array of problems that plague the human foot, and to offer a variety of treatments, not just surgery, or injections.  If you have a foot problem that this website does not cover please let us know and I will personally address your problem.


    I am Dr. Randell Braun, a podiatrist which in simple terms is a foot doctor.  I have over 30 years of experience treating both medically and surgically, a variety of foot problems, and I am here to tell you that you do not have to live with foot pain; there are a lot of options. Don’t let fear stand in your way. The earlier you get to a podiatrist the easier it is to treat your problem.  You only get one pair of feet and they have to last you a life time.